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About Us



Hector Bonilla, Founder of Bonilla Accounting Firm, has over 40 years experience. Bonilla Accounting Firm has also been voted as one of the top accounting firms in Chula Vista for three years in a row!

If your car needs an oil change you have two options: do it yourself or pay a trained professional and have do it for you. If you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you save time and money doing it in your own garage. If not, you take it to the mechanic. We think the same concept applies to managing your personal finances or your own business.

Bonilla Accounting Firm has over 40 years experience in solving money problems for individuals and businesses. Whether you have troubles with the IRS, need a better payroll solution, or want to make your business run more efficiently, let us handle the tedious and stressful numbers allowing you to utilize your talents elsewhere in a more productive manner.